Technical Information
How does it work?  The front mount is self explanatory.  Both mounts are tack welded after being squarely fixtured on crankcases. Next remove and finish weld, sensibly stitching and not warping assembly. Our first set fit right back on and could be swapped to the other case.  The rear mount is the new invention. The left piece #1 bolts to existing chain tensioner mounts-- check the top one closely--common to crack here--repair it and build it up like Dragstews did for us! Excellent! Now use the included bushing to 5/16 drill the third spot 3/4" deep MAX and bottom tap it 3/8-16.  Piece #2 is the crossbar. Use the included drill jig on cam chest surface and drill 5/16 through behind the oil return. This connection is secured level prior to any welding. NO TENSION at this connection.  Piece #3, L bracket is attached to the case bolt behind oil pump. A thin washer is placed between the L bracket and the crankcase to level the bracket. The bracket now reaches up and supports crossbar #2. Oil pump top plate and center body need clearance ground at a spot that has no function!  Clamp square and tack weld.  

Coming Soon

The technical information regarding--  

WELD-ON-- Big twin rear frame section
Front belt pulley modifications
Divorcing the cases
Oil transfer valve
Modifying cam chest cover
Drill fixture(s)

So far we do know-- The L bracket won't clear a stock big twin OEM, frame but cleared the aftermarket frame that we checked. The front mount will need a bit of clearance for the heads of the shelf bolts.Type your paragraph here.

Back Story
Two Nebraska builders combined their talents to construct a machine for the Born Free 6 general crowd.  A new approach to a divorced Ironhead project has been implemented and has proven effective when the bike was ridden into the BF6 show.  The BF6 "Shortster #1" is in a frame with two shelves -- big twin style.  Instantly we realized the possibility of modifying a stock XL frame for the big twin 4-speed.  Cut off the tumor!  Damn good motors, pain-in-the-butt clutch and tranny.  Leave the motor together , divorce the tranny, follow our slide show and PLEASE TRY THIS AT HOME!  Tons of old Ironheads ('76 and earlier) are sitting around that have compression but also a blown transmission.  Everybody knows that!  Sawsall, jigsaw, cutoff and flap wheels.  Learn to use a file and rotary files and burrs.  Properly drill and tap a hole and drill one hole through.  Learn basic geometry and welding.  The marriage of these 4-cam engines to a big twin 4 speed combines two of the best components to ever depart the factory.  The photo album shows divorcing empty cases.  Much easier than an assembled engine.  We have developed a front belt pulley to mate with the 4-speed.  We also have additional parts under development to ease the conversion.  The 4-speed kicker gears have more torque and less travel than the XL so stay tuned for a kick starting report---should be easier than kicking the XL.  Our BF6 #1 utilizes a RSES electric start.  GOAL--$5000 hand built choppers.


A New Breed of Steed